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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

These Perfects Blow Your Brain and Strike Your Eyes

Notice: please make a good precaution in case of the later excitement, a big excitement. I believe if you are an anime coser, you’ll get crazy about them. Plus, the buzz today will strike your eyes, even your heart.

I nearly cant believe my eyes...No denying, different perspective contribute to different amazing. 
Aha, she tempts me to sing passionately whenever and wherever.
Is she an angel? How wish I can be a prince standing with her...Even if she is cinderella who will disappear after mid-night. I just want to catch this moment. Beautiful moments is what I settle for....
I like her Elf ears....I can't help preventing my claws putting these into my pocket.If in winter, also I want to add to fluffy rabit ears.  

At last, don’t be mean to write down your opinion…..maybe, they can be the best cosplay products?

I really can not do without your supports…..Lol…….


  1. Where did you get those ears, i need ears that are just like that. Please and thank you :)

  2. i'm so sorry... i post the picture, because i's so dont know how to get the ears, even i check the cosplay tutorial to find answer....but it's pity...