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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Girl Next Door: Naruto Hinata Hyuga

She’s always kind and approachable. And I have such an illusion that she is just my friend or a classmate. She is the one I can tell her what bother me, what happy me, and what excite me…….and how about you? Do you want to get close to her?

With dark blue hair, fair skin inherited from her mother, and white eyes, she is usually seen as a quiet girl. But it doesn’t mean she is a sort of accident. Beneath the gentle appearance, no one knows how burning the love for Naruto is. In fact, I think, she’s a beauty.

   A pure girl....

In anime, I don’t want, even fear to see the disappointment and sadness in her eyes. I often think, if I were a boy, I could not help falling love with her, and then, I would protect her and watch over her, more important is I would treat her as my treasure.

The Hinata fans often renew the romance between Naruto and her in a cosplay. What do you think so?

Naruto and Hinata romance??

 At last, I want to ask a question, if you’re a man, would you like to be a guardian for her?

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