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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Justice Killer: Yagami Raito in Death Note

Have you ever imagined yourself as a righteous judge? Aha, just like the protagonist Light Yagami in Death Note? As for the ending, you may feel pity, at the same time, mixed with a sense of justice.
Death Note Move Poster

So clever, excellent and charming is Death Note Light Yagami that you want to defend him against the tragic ending.  You ever conceive another plot for him, maybe. You hope he can have a chance to renew his crime, and become the real judge. Certainly, the rest of people think, he deserves being punished. He should pay for what he had done.

Death Note Light Yagami
No denying, he’s great, but a little extreme in character. As you can see, he can be called Yagami, Light, Kira or Killer. Such a people who has an abhorrence of sin, meanwhile maintain innocence in thoughts, capture your eyes? Many anime fans pour their passion to act as him, more like Light, yet a little different Light. Would you receive this invitation?

Light Yagami cosplay

Whatever, we should be well prepared as possible to do this job. Now, learn from the predecessors.

Finally, give you chance and minutes, if you were Light, how can you balance the scale of evil and righteous in your heart? And whether you would follow his steps?

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