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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sailor Moon Lita Kino


Close your eyes, then open, do you expect a beauty falling from the air?? Aha, indeed, a beauty is walking from the fascinated anime Sailor Moon

Today, I’ll show you pictures about Lita Kino

Don’t overlook this uniform, although it’s more like the standard school outfit. Gloves, bowtie, necklace are involved in accessories. But that’s magic clothing, when you put on it, you’ll start your adventure of Lita Kino. 

The next several minutes, please enjoy the cosplay pictures. Is your heart moved?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seek to the New Land: Vocaloid Gakupo

At the first sight, do you want to take this exquisite into your pocket? No denying, this Vocaloid Gakupo Cosplay Costume is a good style indeed. Making up with black suit, black trousers and white stand collar shirt, more typical subtleties play the crowning touch. Take a close look; you can see, the ruffled lace adorns the shirt, and for the coat, layered gauze trail behind, as if a tuxedo. If you want to take it away, don’t hesitate, take an action now!!!

How striking outfit it is! If you put on this charming clothing, I think, you must be a stunning gentle man. Do you want to try??? Whenever you join us, you’ll enjoy surprising treatment: pleasant cheap price, satisfactory service and open customization. Hurry to have an action!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So Nice to Meet You……

As an anime lover, I have so many to share with you. And are you the like-minded one with me? Never mind, you can just take your eyes and thoughts to my home enjoying pictures feast.

In this piece of space, I’ll bring out every possible potential to display perfect to you. You can treat this open space as your mind relay station. I think it’s not just my stage; you also can show your Kabinett here.

It’s a truth. You have one apple, and I’m also have one. But if we exchange, the result is not one any more. So, I think, friends, I don’t like to be a loner, please join this new world of pleasure.

If you come here, so, leave your footprints here………