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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pokémon Misty Cosplay Picture Exhibition

Endearing Misty

I’m a little nervous, I wonder if you would ask me who is Misty, and what’s Pokémon…. But, take it easy, if you do it like so, I don’t think this is a trouble. I’ll be as patient as I can to explain to you, because Misty is one of my favorite roles in anime, and I want more people to know her, like her.

Gorgeous smile...
Pokémon now is not only a magna, expanding its field to video games, television series, films, and anime. Well, Misty is one of the protagonists in this popular product.
Misty is in anime Pokémon.

She’s an excellent monster trainer, at least I think. Together with Ash, they travel around the fictitious world of Pokémon, of course, along with their Pokémon partners. 
Detail Information

Gender: Female                                      Specialize in: Water-types
         Age:  10(I’m not very sure)                     Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Green                                     Trainer class: Gym leaderAnime debut: Pokémon-I choose you       First appearance: Pokémon red  and blue

Now it’s time to show Pokémon Misty Cosplay pictures.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Gallery

As always, I read the news in the morning, luckily, finding a set of pictures about Kingdom Hearts cosplay. It’s said it’s a successful product with the collaboration of Japanese and American. 

Have you ever experienced the cosplay journey? Aha, if you plan to cos one of the members in Kingdom Hearts? Now, show the photos to you….maybe you can learn from them in some ways….

Do you know who they are?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Gallery: L.A. Anime Expo II

Yep, no denying, you can find many familiar faces in L.A. anime convention: Hatsune Miku, Alice, Green Lantern, Captain Jack Sparrow and stuff. No matter the production is known or unknown, gentle or horrible, they are shinning in the convention. At least, the cosers made more efforts to be better when you saw them. So, at first, I wanna thanks for their sweats.
It’s obvious there exists two kinds of cosers: one seems to be more specialty with very close figure and skills, although the cosplay is just their hobby. The other one, of course, a common scene they’re just for fun. I admire their enthusiasm, commitment in time and energy, as well as their optimistic attitude.

Woow… I must go back to the subject, now, I’ll show the pictures. Enjoy this visual feast!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Gallery: L.A. Anime Expo (I)

So excited news! And the desirable Anime Expo has taken place in L.A. from 1st to 4th of July. That’s a great event. More than 10,000 anime fans gathered there to share the cosplay fun.

Seen from the wonderful performance, we know, the participants must have prepared for long time, no wonder the works are gemmed. The scene must be spectacular, I believe, and, the atmosphere can imagine as hot as the weather, as sweet as the smile on their faces.

It says that the happy is contagious, so, then, the happiness is passing around. These pictures exposed are to share happiness and passion with you….Accept this treasure.  : )

IS not enough? Ok, tomorrow will go, keep an eye for me..... : )

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Amazing Crotes Parade In London (II)

I don’t know if you interest in this series, but, I determined I should accomplish the rest of the work.

I appreciate the fun from them, excited, astonished, and …of course, envious, especially the gemmed performance. Frankly, I never have such experience, although I like cosplay. I have just been an audience, a fan, or advisor. But, the fun is not being discounted.

Next, we move to the photo gallery….just treat it as a ….short film…

Enjoy this feast....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Amazing Crotes Parade In London (I)

With tremendous efforts, I eventually found out these valuable pictures happened in the past. This was a great event to dress-up as a shocking zombie strolling on the street, sponsored by Capcom Nintendo. It’s a brightest idea to retain this spectacular moment in the photos. As a result of the event, the outstanding performer got the game present in return. So creative idea, isn’t it?

Aha, at the thought of zombie, do not combine with the zombies in the game Plants VS Zombies, they’re adorable, Lol…… while, today, the pictures exposed are opposite to the view in that game. They highlighted the shocking and horrific effect. Um…as I see it, it belongs to a part of cosplay, thought not an anime cosplay.

Are you ready?

I know, it’s not gratifying…so, the more excellent is following up tomorrow. : D