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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do You Know Beckii Cruel?

Do you want to see the free move, the anime cosplay move? Aha, I think it’s a good idea. Fresh your eyes, in the mean time, it fulfills my laziness today.

Actually, it’s a great video. Beckii Cruel wins the highest hits about 3.3million in a month. Yeah, I know, now you’re eager to check if she is so popular.
Let’s go to surf in her world. 

 If you don't feel satisfied, but interested, you can search more to view.

Monday, June 27, 2011

New: Tifa's Cosplay Picture

Hola, hoping you have a good day..

I found these pictures by chance, sexy, charming, and a brave girl Tifa is. Based on the originated images, some improvements are made in these excellent works. Yep, adding to more innovative element. Well, if you are to make some changes on Final Fantasy Tifa, how would you do?
Now, we appreciate this picture album at first. 

Indeed, they are so fascinated. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Elf Gather In Pokémon Cosplay Here


I bet you’ll appreciate these pictures of elf in Pokémon. They are so cute; no wonder there are so many fans around the world.

Today, we join this desirable Pokemon cosplay party, well, how many you can speak out the name in Pokémon. Maybe, most people are most familiar with Pikachu, just like me…Lol……

Now, my heart is moved.....I'm longing for trying.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Harry Potter Cosplay Pictures

The Youngest Fan

It’s noticeable that Harry Potter cosplay becomes the beloved. How can’t you reject such zealous invitation? In fact, it’s easy. Carrying on Harry Potter costumes, I promise, even if you’re not like Harry Potter, Ron or Hermione, um… least, people can insure you’re their classmate or schoolfellow. 
Recall Your Childhood Memery

She's Hermione``
Also Eye-catching!! They wear the magic cloak...

Of course, it’s just a joke. Different players are different Harry Potters. Aha, it’s so pleasing remarks. Let’s appreciate cosers’ works. Notice: you also can attach your results here. Just for fun!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Saya, Remember Her in This Way…

It’s pity to hear that Saya died from accidental death. So marvelous and awesome her performances are. Even though you’re not familiar with her, when you view her products, I believe you’ll change your thoughts. Moreover, I think, appreciating her works is a best way to mourn this top coser, or, that’s to say, a flower girl.

Take these amazing into your heart.

Do you like these? Or which one is the best in your heart? Whatever your idea is, please leave your footprints here…^_^

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

These Perfects Blow Your Brain and Strike Your Eyes

Notice: please make a good precaution in case of the later excitement, a big excitement. I believe if you are an anime coser, you’ll get crazy about them. Plus, the buzz today will strike your eyes, even your heart.

I nearly cant believe my eyes...No denying, different perspective contribute to different amazing. 
Aha, she tempts me to sing passionately whenever and wherever.
Is she an angel? How wish I can be a prince standing with her...Even if she is cinderella who will disappear after mid-night. I just want to catch this moment. Beautiful moments is what I settle for....
I like her Elf ears....I can't help preventing my claws putting these into my pocket.If in winter, also I want to add to fluffy rabit ears.  

At last, don’t be mean to write down your opinion…..maybe, they can be the best cosplay products?

I really can not do without your supports…..Lol…….

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long Black Hair Party

Hey, girls, if you are brothering who you’ll cos as, and by accident, you have long black hair, aha, there are several advice.

A.      Kikyo in Inuyasha, or Kagome Higurashi 
I can't help having a hug with her. Long hair, big eyes and perfect looking tempt me to fall in love with her.    

B.      Tifa in Final Fantasy
woow...dazzle the eyes, a beauty indeed.

C.       Kurotsuchi Nemu in Bleach
Exotic Fashion...

D.      Yuki from Vampire Knight
Exactly, um.....she's black hair.

E.      Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid  <please check the recommendation before>

Aha, welcome to add more suggestions, I bet I missed more charming roles.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Justice Killer: Yagami Raito in Death Note

Have you ever imagined yourself as a righteous judge? Aha, just like the protagonist Light Yagami in Death Note? As for the ending, you may feel pity, at the same time, mixed with a sense of justice.
Death Note Move Poster

So clever, excellent and charming is Death Note Light Yagami that you want to defend him against the tragic ending.  You ever conceive another plot for him, maybe. You hope he can have a chance to renew his crime, and become the real judge. Certainly, the rest of people think, he deserves being punished. He should pay for what he had done.

Death Note Light Yagami
No denying, he’s great, but a little extreme in character. As you can see, he can be called Yagami, Light, Kira or Killer. Such a people who has an abhorrence of sin, meanwhile maintain innocence in thoughts, capture your eyes? Many anime fans pour their passion to act as him, more like Light, yet a little different Light. Would you receive this invitation?

Light Yagami cosplay

Whatever, we should be well prepared as possible to do this job. Now, learn from the predecessors.

Finally, give you chance and minutes, if you were Light, how can you balance the scale of evil and righteous in your heart? And whether you would follow his steps?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Girl Next Door: Naruto Hinata Hyuga

She’s always kind and approachable. And I have such an illusion that she is just my friend or a classmate. She is the one I can tell her what bother me, what happy me, and what excite me…….and how about you? Do you want to get close to her?

With dark blue hair, fair skin inherited from her mother, and white eyes, she is usually seen as a quiet girl. But it doesn’t mean she is a sort of accident. Beneath the gentle appearance, no one knows how burning the love for Naruto is. In fact, I think, she’s a beauty.

   A pure girl....

In anime, I don’t want, even fear to see the disappointment and sadness in her eyes. I often think, if I were a boy, I could not help falling love with her, and then, I would protect her and watch over her, more important is I would treat her as my treasure.

The Hinata fans often renew the romance between Naruto and her in a cosplay. What do you think so?

Naruto and Hinata romance??

 At last, I want to ask a question, if you’re a man, would you like to be a guardian for her?