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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For you, Who Is the Number 1 Glamorous Game Female?

Are you a gamer? Well, whatever… it seems not so important, but needs you to carry your eyes to join this survey. Today, we’ll work together to search for the most glamorous game female…

Two days ago, I saw a piece of news about this topic, it’s interesting. 

Without doubt, Final Fantasy Tifa gets the crown being the most popular female role in game field. With delicate five senses and black long hair, Tifa deduces a perfect female legend. So, when you face this beauty, playing game becomes a kind of enjoyment.

Next, is Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. No wonder she can be successful, not only she’s sexy, but intelligent and courageous.

Not surprisingly, Mai Shiranui in the game KOF holds the third position. To my impressive, she has hot body; especially the big breasts distract my attention successfully once looking at her.

The fourth place belongs Street Fighter Chun Li, a heroine. She’s a typical oriental girl from China, with great KongFu.

Hitomi ranks the fifth place, which comes from Death or Alive.

The final one is Jill Valentine in Resident Evil.

Approaching ending, I want to know the one you like is in the list? And who is the number 1 in your heart?

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