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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pokémon Misty Cosplay Picture Exhibition

Endearing Misty

I’m a little nervous, I wonder if you would ask me who is Misty, and what’s Pokémon…. But, take it easy, if you do it like so, I don’t think this is a trouble. I’ll be as patient as I can to explain to you, because Misty is one of my favorite roles in anime, and I want more people to know her, like her.

Gorgeous smile...
Pokémon now is not only a magna, expanding its field to video games, television series, films, and anime. Well, Misty is one of the protagonists in this popular product.
Misty is in anime Pokémon.

She’s an excellent monster trainer, at least I think. Together with Ash, they travel around the fictitious world of Pokémon, of course, along with their Pokémon partners. 
Detail Information

Gender: Female                                      Specialize in: Water-types
         Age:  10(I’m not very sure)                     Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Green                                     Trainer class: Gym leaderAnime debut: Pokémon-I choose you       First appearance: Pokémon red  and blue

Now it’s time to show Pokémon Misty Cosplay pictures.

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