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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Amazing Crotes Parade In London (I)

With tremendous efforts, I eventually found out these valuable pictures happened in the past. This was a great event to dress-up as a shocking zombie strolling on the street, sponsored by Capcom Nintendo. It’s a brightest idea to retain this spectacular moment in the photos. As a result of the event, the outstanding performer got the game present in return. So creative idea, isn’t it?

Aha, at the thought of zombie, do not combine with the zombies in the game Plants VS Zombies, they’re adorable, Lol…… while, today, the pictures exposed are opposite to the view in that game. They highlighted the shocking and horrific effect. Um…as I see it, it belongs to a part of cosplay, thought not an anime cosplay.

Are you ready?

I know, it’s not gratifying…so, the more excellent is following up tomorrow. : D

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